Watch: Pixies drop new video for ‘On Graveyard Hill’ with fortune tellers, psychedelic horror show

'Beneath the Eyrie' drops on September 13

The Pixies have dropped a video for their new track “On Graveyard Hill,” which sees the band soundtracking a psychedelic horror show.

The video, which was directed by Kii Arens and Bobbi Rich, revolves around a young woman who gets pressured into seeing a fortune teller after hearing a radio ad. The eerie late-’60s style clip features a montage of scenes where the woman rides in a hearse, meets with a psychic, and goes on what appears to be a bad trip.

“Directing for the all mighty Pixies is quite an honour, and I was given complete artistic freedom to do what I wished,” Arens explained in a statement. “The freedom to do so makes sense as to why they are such an original, real deal band. I started my career in music creating rock art so it’s perfect for this psychedelic freak-out video release.”

Watch the video for “On Graveyard Hill” below.

The forthcoming album Beneath the Eyrie is set for release on September 13th.