Watch Pixies Latest Video “Snakes”

Pixies are back with lots of goodies to go around! Check out their latest video "Snakes."

Alternative-rock legends Pixies are back and bringing tones of goodies to share. From their recent EP, simply titled EP2, comes a video for “Snakes”.

A bizarre concept of papier mâché bobble heads running away from regular sized head people, for reasons unknown, and don’t expect it all to come together in the end. The final showdown is just as unusual as the rest and will leave you wanting more… and some sweet treats.

All three of their latest EPs are being combined into one large album called Indie Cindy, which is the first since 1991’s Trompe Le Monde. You can grab a copy in stores starting April 28th.

View the video for “Snakes” below.