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Watch: POESY shares colourful new video for ‘Any Human’

Toronto artist POESY has released a colourful music video for her song “Any Human” from her latest EP Glass Box Confessional.

The energetic track sees POESY’s powerhouse vocal lines take the lead as she delivers lyrics like, “You can be any man/ You can be any woman/ If you reach me in time.” The accompanying clip sees the artist covered in paint, dancing along to the upbeat bop.

“When I was growing up, there was little to no representation of LGBT+ people in media and what was there was either used as a punchline or hyper-sexualized – and I really think that played into a lot of my own self-expression (or repression of),” POESY explains. “I didn’t feel comfortable being myself around people until I was in my early twenties because I just didn’t see a lot of people who were comfortably doing that. I wanted to write a song that wasn’t a cop out or that danced around the subject – I love people, men, and women, and I think people should be able to say that plain and simple, in the same way that someone can announce their hair colour or favourite food.”

Watch the video below!

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