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WATCH: Pokemon Go Prank Goes Too Far

Take a look around you. It can seem like everyone is obsessed with the new Pokemon Go game. So obsessed that one man even quit his job in pursuit of the rarest Pokemon.

Another man who takes the game equally as serious, was just victim to what started as an innocent prank courtesy of his sister and girlfriend. Check it out in the player above!

The subjects of the video drive around to find the Pokemon which is becoming an increasingly popular method of playing the game. It goes contrary to the whole idea that you get to engage with the real world while playing it. BlogTO recently covered this phenomenon in their article on Pokemon Go Chauffeurs. These chauffeurs are helping trainers from the burbs reach the plethora of meets ups and lures in the downtown core.

Of course, many commenters on YouTube are claiming that it is fake. Watch it for yourself in the video player above.

Image Courtesy of Sibling Pranks Youtube Channel

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