Watch: Porches shares video for new track ‘Do U Wanna,’ announces forthcoming record ‘Ricky Music’

'Ricky Music' drops on March 13 via Domino

Aaron Maine is releasing a new album as Porches, which will be called Ricky Music and is set for release on March 13th via Domino. As part of the announcement, Porches has shared a Nick Harwood-directed video for his new track “Do U Wanna.”

“‘Do U Wanna’ is a song about looking at yourself and realizing the disparity between how you’d like to act and how you actually act,” Maine explains in a statement. “The fun you vs. the isolated you. I feel like with the refrain I’m almost taunting myself to get up and do something.”

Watch the video for “Do U Wanna” and check out the tracklist for Ricky Music below.

Ricky Music Tracklist:

01 – “Patience”
02 – “Do U Wanna”
03 – “Lipstick Song”
04 – “PFB”
05 – “I Wanna Ride”
06 – “Madonna”
07 – “I Can’t Even Think”
08 – “Hair”
09 – “Fuck_3”
10 – “Wrote Some Songs”