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Watch: POSTDATA shares ‘covideo’ for recent single ‘Nobody Knows’

While gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album Twin Flames on March 5th, Wintersleep’s Paul Murphy has shared a “covideo” for his latest single as POSTDATA, “Nobody Knows.”

The new Chris Mills-directed clip is an unnervingly charming tribute to social distancing, as Murphy delivers a glitchy performance of the track live in front of different scrapbook-style scenes.

“During the first lockdown, when I was gearing up for planning the video, my brother Michael and I were talking about performance videos and the general weirdness of them, but then about how it’d be kind of interesting to try one with all the COVID protocols in place,” Murphy explains. “So, I think it started as a dystopic idea for how shows in the future would be or something to that effect. Chris loved the idea and thought he could expand on it with different visual techniques. We made some dialogue for it. Planned out scenes. The only issue is that we couldn’t travel to actually be in the same room to do it.”

Watch the new live clip for “Nobody Knows” below.

“I got to explore some abandoned parts of Toronto with this monstro zoom lens, and imagine Paul, Mitch, and other cool folks shooting and playing different kinds of ‘social distancing shows’ in these spots with this ‘scrapbook’ style approach to this project,” Mills says of the video. “There were these little glitchy moments throughout the video, and it felt like a loving, Kintsugi style approach to fill in these spaces with the most important heroes on the planet right now: Nurses, and people in PPE. What a fun, loving, and nurturing project and song.”

Check out the tracklist for Twin Flames below.

Twin Flames Tracklist:

01 – “Haunts”
02 – “Inside Out”
03 – “Nobody Knows”
04 – “Yours”
05 – “Twin Flames”
06 – “Kissing”
07 – “Behind You”
08 – “My Mind Won’t”
09 – “Tomb”

Lead photo courtesy of Meghan Tansey-Whitton.

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