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Watch: Pusher addresses obsession with technology in video for new track ‘I Could Give It Up’

Toronto’s Pusher has shared an animated lyric video for his new track, “I Could Give It Up.”

The song, which marks the lead single from his forthcoming album Stay-at-Home Popstar, sees Pusher singing about our collective obsession with technology atop a catchy, explosive instrumental. The accompanying video, which is animated by Mike Grover, comes with colourful clips of a phone chasing the main character through classic cartoon-style horror scenes.

“This is a song about being addicted to my phone,” Pusher explains. “It’s also about how we’re all addicted to our phones. Just like caffeine or social media, we allow it because it’s ‘normal.’ It’s scary the way tech companies manipulate our subconscious tendencies to sell their products and ads, but in this song I’ve employed a lot of songwriting and production tricks that aim to do the exact same thing. Tricks like saying the name of the song multiple times in the chorus, using the tried-and-true formulaic pop song structure, or employing the ultra-popular ‘millennial whoop’ melody – indeed it’s the first thing you head.”

Watch the video for “I Could Give It Up” below.

“So maybe it’s actually a song about how capitalism drives us all to manipulate each other for profit instead of focusing on creating things that add value to society,” Pusher continues. “Maybe consciously and ironically using these tricks and telling you about it makes us all more aware of the world we live in?”

Stay-At-Home Popstar is set for release later this year.

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