Watch: Raccoon sneaks into Toronto subway station using escalator going opposite direction

Wow the trash panda didn't even tap on

Toronto has been named the “Raccoon Capital of the World” by NPR after incidents like when the little bandits had a Jeopardy moment, hung from the ceiling at Pearson, and snuck into homes to steal peoples’ breakfast. Now, one of our very own trash pandas has snuck into a subway station after climbing down an escalator that was going in the opposite direction.

Just like everyone else, this little guy was looking for somewhere to hide from the chilly November weather when he was spotted sneaking into the station without even paying. A Redditor posted a video of the furry thief as he managed to make it smoothly down an escalator that was going up.

Watch the video below.

Saw this guy get on the subway without paying from r/toronto