Watch: Rage against the Machine’s Tom Morello kicks fan’s phone out of their hand during performance

Morello takes action against fan taking a selfie during performance

Several musicians have taken action against cellphones lately, such as FIDLAR leader Zac Carper, who slapped a phone and into the crowd when a fan tried to a selfie. Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford also kicked a phone out of a fan’s hand while performing in the crowd after they tried to take a selfie mid-performance. Now, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello has joined in the battle against cellphones.

This past weekend, Morello played Chicago’s Piqniq, and at the end of his sets, he invited audience members to join him on stage. Apparently, he had warned attendees on stage beforehand and prohibited people from taking selfies with him. One fan broke the rules and tried it anyway, when Morello grabbed the fan’s phone and threw it into the audience.

Watch the incident and check out Morello’s reaction in full below.