Watch: Ralph shares glamorous, campy video for new track ‘Tommy,’ announces new EP ‘GRADIENCE’

Ralph is returning to her glam 70s sound on her new EP

Toronto pop artist RALPH has announced her new EP, GRADIENCE, and as part of the announcement she’s shared a perfectly kitschy video for her new track, “Tommy.”

The catchy new track sees Ralph singing of missed connection, as she pines for someone who she has a brief encounter with before they diappear forever. The accompanying colourful video sees Ralph and friends in campy sky-high wigs and ruffles, as her hairdresser channeled a look described as “Marie Antoinette on a motorcycle.”

“‘Tommy’ was written on a hot July day in my producer Derek’s studio,” Ralph explains. “This EP we really wanted to hit all my goals…and I’ve always wanted to do a song where the chorus was a name (a la Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’ or Carly Rae ‘Julian’). I told Derek that’s what I wanted to work on, so we drank a bunch of coffee and ran through a million names until the line ‘Tommy…do you want me’ popped up. We both instantly knew it was the one and everything built so easily from there. The idea of seeing someone in a crowd and feeling instantly drawn to them, then losing them suddenly, is such a relatable and devastating concept – it’s like a Cinderella story with a pop twist.”

Watch the video for “Tommy” below.

The forthcoming EP was inspired by the sounds of artists like Cher, Donna Summer, and Kate Bush, as Ralph harnesses the 70’s glam sound of her 2017 self-titled EP.
Lead photo courtesy of Renée Rodenkirchen.