Watch: Ralph travels through the galaxy in video for new track ‘Love Potion’

From her forthcoming EP 'Gradience'

Toronto pop artist Ralph is readying her forthcoming EP, Gradience, and today she’s previewed the collection with a campy video for her new track, “Love Potion.” Alongside the video, she’s announced a 10-date Canadian tour with support from Alex Porat.

The new track sees Ralph blending her friends’ stories into a sort of fantastical blur atop dreamy synths and groovy, disco-inspired instrumentals. The accompanying video for “Love Potion” sees Ralph as a captain, traveling through the galaxy in a sort of retro-futuristic trek to “Planet Nipply” to find her lover.

“I wrote ‘Love Potion’ almost a year ago with my sweet pals David Charles Fischer and Terence Lam (the same team behind ‘Gravity’),” Ralph explains. “I had just watched the movie Midsommar and couldn’t get the imagery out of my head. I kept thinking about this one scene where the cult women create a love potion to woo the male protagonist…and soon I was deep in a google hole of ‘history of love potions’ (they date back to Biblical times!) I came into the session with that as my lyrical inspiration, and pretty soon we wove a dance-y bass-soaked story of a woman afraid she’s loving her loved…so she cooks up a brew to remind him just how sweet she is. Many thanks to Herag Sanbalian, who put the finishing touches on the song and even added real choir voices plus live strings in there!”

Watch the video for “Love Potion” below.

“The video is directed by Renee Rodenkirchen, who directed my last video for ‘Tommy,’ and was inspired by one of my favourite movies Earth Girls Are Easy, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Gucci fashion campaigns, Britney’s ‘Oops I Did It Again’ music video, the 1960s TV show UFO, and our shared love of the absurd. I asked my long-time friend Michael Seater (you may recognize him from his iconic role in Life With Derek) to play the role of my alien lover, and his enthusiasm towards big platforms and having his skin painted purple was truly wonderful. We shot in a studio and set up four separate scenes, then shot the exterior galaxy images a week later (fun fact: the paper mache planets were crafter by my mother and installed by my dad). I’m so in awe of the hand-built sets and the amazing wigs, makeup and costumes! I had some much fun co-styling and working with the beauty team on how to achieve our desired retro/futuristic/weirdness aesthetic. I love that everyone really went for it when we said ‘BIG, WEIRD AND BEAUTIFUL.”