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Watch: Reuben and the Dark release new video for ‘Faultline’

After their song “Black Water” was featured in the new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Reuben and the Dark have shared a new video for “Faultline.”

“It feels like a reflective song,” frontman Reuben Bullock explains of “Faultline” in a statement. “Driving on the highway late at night. Looking back over your life. The plans you made. And the way those plans can change. Driving while your passenger sleeps beside you. It’s about trust and self-destruction. Feeling power and, simultaneously, a lack of control.”

The intimate new video sees the band performing the track in a beautifully hazy studio.

Watch the video for “Faultline” below.

Their forthcoming album un / love is set for release on October 25th.

Lead photo courtesy of Sheva Kafai.

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