Watch: Reyna share video for new track ‘7’11’

The clip was directed by Hannah Gabriela Banuelos

REYNA is back with a video for their new track “7’11.”

The date “7’11” signifies the day that band member Vic met her former partner, and the track comes as a plea to jump in and try and make a long distance relationship work.

“7’11 was the day I met my girlfriend, I wrote this song thinking about how we were both hesitant to give into the relationship because it started long distance,” Vic explains. “Everything was new and exciting but scary at the same time. I was all in and I wanted it to work so this was my ‘everything will work itself out’ anthem. Sort of an invitation to her to let go and give our love a chance. Which we did, it was the most amazing and I loved every minute of it. We aren’t together any more, this song is just a reminder that you can want something really bad and try really hard but maybe it’s just not in the cards and that’s okay.”

Watch the video for “7’11” below.