Watch: Rich Aucoin shares video for ‘Eulogy of Regret’ from forthcoming deluxe edition of ‘United States’

The deluxe LP drops on April 23

Rich Aucoin is set to release the deluxe edition of his recent album United States on April 23rd, and today he’s shared a video for “Eulogy Of Regret.”

“I’m excited to share this video and finally release this track as a single,” Aucoin explains. “This was the last track written for Uited States and was the only one not conceived somewhere while on the bicycle. I wrote it for director/musician/multi-disciplinary artist Dustin Harvey. Dustin hired me to write a 7 minute version of the song for a short film/theatre piece he was working on called How Quickly Things Change. I liked the song and ended up cutting a track for United States so ‘Eulogy Of Regret’ could take its place. Now, full circle, Dustin and his team have made a shorter piece which also doubles as an appropriate music video for the song. Some excellent animation by Aiden Searle and acting by Stephanie Yee.”

The deluxe edition of United States features three new remixes of tracks from the album by Double A, Steve Bays, and Shmu alongside a bonus disc with instrumental versions of all the album’s tracks.

Watch the video for “Eulogy of Regret” below.

“i’m really excited to include the album with these remixes as well as releasing all the instrumentals for the first time,” Aucoin continues. “Howie Beck’s (Charlotte Day Wilson/River Tiber/Feist) mix really shines in the instrumentals too. It was great to work with someone on back to back records as we’ve got a great work flow established. Since I wrote this record on my bicycle to demo versions of these instrumentals while cycling across the United States, people can now hear what I heard over and over again as I figured out the lyrical content while observing my surroundings in 2018.”
Lead photo courtesy of Riley Smith.