Watch: Rich Aucoin shares video for new protest track ‘How It Breaks’

A powerful new video of news and historical footage

Rich Aucoin has shared a video for his new single “How It Breaks,” which is a call to action, referencing several songs of protest.

Aucoin recorded the track in Arcosanti, Arizona, while cycling across the United States on a tour for mental health charities, and it references acts like Aretha Franklin, Rage Against The Machine, Funkadelic, Rolling Stones, and Rihanna’s production. The accompanying video, which was edited by Aucoin, features over a hundred videos ranging from current news to historical footage.

“After listening to David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans,’ I got into the idea about referencing a song which is also referencing a song as that song’s bridge references The Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life,'” Aucoin explains. I thought this would be a great track to re-purpose the beat from ‘Umbrella’ as I weaved other ideas of the familiar. I was thinking about the connection between the past and present on this song.”

Watch the video for “How It Breaks” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Jessica Jameson.