Watch: Robyn drops nostalgic sun-soaked new video for ‘Between the Lines’

A diy-style video embracing the tourist culture of Ibiza

Robyn has just shared a nostalgic, sun-soaked new video for her bouncy dance tune “Between the Lines.” The SSION-directed homemade-style video sees Robyn and friends jumping into a lake while the sun sets, dancing in front of a green wall, and sword fighting with french baguettes.

“Robyn is one of my favourite artists to collaborate with and making this video with her allowed for a lot of playfulness in embracing the extremes of being in a place like Ibiza,” SSION explains in a statement. “The aggressive tackiness of tourist culture slapped up against the serene beach vibes… it reminded me of when I first started making videos on a mini dv camera – no pretense, DIY, run & gun… just being in the moment.”

Watch the video for “Between the Lines” below.