Watch: Rosamund Pike Gets Possessed In Massive Attack’s “Voodoo In My Blood”

The latest music video from the trip hop masterminds

Massive Attack haunts viewers with their new video for “Voodoo In My Blood”.

In the video, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, a metallic orb approaches a woman played by Rosamund Pike as she is walking through Joe Strummer Subway in London. The orb sticks a needle through her eye and scans her retinas, taking control over her body. Chaos ensues as the orb maniacally antagonizes the woman. Rosamund Pike is an Oscar-nominated actress, best known for her role in Gone Girl.

“Voodoo In My Blood” is from Massive Attack’s EP Ritual Spirit. To watch the video click the player above.

Massive Attack are currently on tour in Europe with Young Fathers as their opening act.