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Watch Ryan Reynolds Struggle to put together a baby crib

In a hilarious new video, the Green Lantern himself attempts to put together an Ikea crib only to slide slowly into simmering bitterness, proving once and for all that A-list celebs are just like the rest of us.

The video, released in conjunction with a GQ interview, shows Ryan Reynolds struggling with the Hensvik crib, with elevator music playing softly in the background. After throwing back a few beers and trying to sort through all the assorted hardware, Reynolds ends up on the phone with Ikea customer service.

“Besides a slow descent into alcoholism, I’m just really having trouble finding all the screws and the pieces that go with it,” Reynolds says. “I mean, there’s gotta be over 100,000 pieces that came with it so I’m just wondering if there’s a representative or five that could come by and make this happen for me.”

Reynolds became a father in December of 2014, when wife Blake Lively gave birth to a daughter, James.

Watch the full video in the player above.

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