Watch: Saint Slumber drop black-and-white video for new track ‘MANTRA’

A gritty tune from the rock band

Saint Slumber has just released a black-and-white video for their new track, “MANTRA.”

The track is a gritty, yet anthemic, and revolves around a grainy guitar line, pounding drum beat, and frontman Joshua Perna’s silky, slightly processed vocals as he sings lines like, “Your my mantra/ I’m thinkin’ of ya.” The accompanying clip is a balance of black-and-white shots of the band performing and red-tinted clips of Perna singing along blindfolded.

“As the official visual to kick off the YOUTH//3 album cycle, we had such a good time filming ‘MANTRA,'” the band explains in a statement. “We wanted to create something bold and stark: a visual that strongly represented the duality that the song itself speaks about, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you.”

Watch the video for “MANTRA” below.

“MANTRA” is out everywhere now, check the track out here.