Watch: Sam Roberts Band (Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions)

Sam Roberts Band gets loud and proves they're still one of the best rock bands in Canada

Indie88 and Stiegl are pleased to begin the third season of Hidden Studio Sessions. Today, we present the Sam Roberts Band in the first intimate, live-off-the-floor session of 2017.

It’s been over thirteen years since Sam released his classic debut record We Were Born in a Flame, and it’s hard to imagine the Canadian music scene without him. Released late last year, TerraForm marks the sixth full length album from the Sam Roberts Band.

Recorded in early 2016 at the Bathouse, The Tragically Hip’s studio near Kingston, the record no doubt gives fans of Sam Roberts what they’ve come to expect from the band over the years, while still managing to explore new territory in their sound and songwriting.

“Terraforming is the idea of going to another planet and making it viable for humans. For this record, I saw it as planting the seeds for that same sort of renewal in your own life – that regardless of how much you have broken the parts of your life along the way, there is always a chance to start over… for yourself and the people you care about” says Roberts.

“Most of these songs are love songs, but love songs that grapple with it’s many faces – beautiful and ugly, healing and destructive.”

The band traveled to the Stiegl Hidden studio to jam on a few songs from Terraform, (“TerraForm”, “FIEND”, and “Rogue Empire”), plus “Angola” from their 2014 release Lo-Fantasy.