Watch: Science Explains Why Coffee Makes You Poop

When coffee makes you "gotta go"

Maybe it’s happened to you; you’re having a rough day, so you head down to the nearest Coffee Culture’s, pound back a couple of espressos and then realize you need to make an emergency “stop” to the washroom.

For one third of the population this is a common occurrence, as the American Chemical Society points out in their video “Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?” as part of their Reaction series on YouTube. Though some people claim that caffiene is to blame, many coffee drinkers would argue that pop and energy drinks don’t have the same effect that coffee does.

Scientists aren’t positive which compound out of the 2000 that coffee is composed of directly causes you to poop, but they do know why. Something in it causes a laxative effect by making the body produce higher levels of Gastrin in the colon, and Cholecystokinin, — a compound that regulates you.

Check the video above and get your daily dose of science.