Watch: Season 46 of Austin City Limits TV premieres with John Prine tribute episode

An hour-long tribute to the late singer-songwriter

Season 46 of Austin City Limits TV premiered this weekend with a tribute episode for John Prine, who passed away in April after getting COVID-19.

The special hour-long episode, which was called “The Best of John Prine,” featured highlights from Prine’s eight appearances on the long-running series. The clip opened with a message from Jason Isbell, who said, “If the artist’s job is to hold up a mirror to society, John Prine had the cleanest and clearest of anyone I’ve ever known. Sometimes it seemed he had a window, and he would climb right through.”

The setlist featured an 1978 acoustic rendition of “Fish and Whistle,” in addition to selections from sets recorded in 1983, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2002, and 2018. It also featured a never-before-seen performance of “Sam Stone” from 1987.

Watch the full episode below.