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Watch: Seth Meyers Parodies ‘Making a Murderer’

After a two-week winter sleep, Seth Meyers returned to Late Night on Monday with a parody of Netflix’s docu-series Making a Murderer to open the show. It seems that we weren’t the only ones who were consumed by this hit crime series over the holidays.

The parody, titled “Making a Talk Show Host”, goofily features a scratchy collect-call from an NBC staff member to Seth Meyers urging him to come back to work. Reluctantly, Seth persistently asks if the staff member is sure they need him already. “They don’t got no more reruns,” says the staff member. “Oh, no?” Meyers clarifies.

The parody is laced with thick, exaggerated Wisconsin accents and cello music layered in the background to really heighten the drama. The clip ends with Seth agreeing to come back to Late Night. “What time’s the show on again?” Meyer asks. “12:35,” the staff member confirms. “God that’s late,” Meyer complains.

To hear Meyer’s ridiculous Wisconsin accent and photoshopped Steven Avery beard, watch the clip above.

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