Watch: Sharon Van Etten performs ‘Comeback Kid,’ ‘You Shadow,’ ‘Seventeen’ in NPR Tiny Desk session

A versatile performance from Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten recently took to the NPR Tiny Desk where she performed “Comeback Kid,” “You Shadow,” and “Seventeen.”

The performance saw Van Etten’s powerful, retro vocal lines taking the lead on every track, as her crooning voice was captivating in its imperfections.

Opening up with “Comeback Kid,” Van Etten set the stage with a catchy performance of the Remind Me Tomorrow track. Van Etten’s rendition of “You Shadow” revolved around a gritty bass line, and clicking drum track as she sang lyrics like “You ain’t nothing, you never won/ You ain’t nothing, you’ve never done nothing, no.” Rounding out the performance with “Seventeen,” this track is sure to transport you back in time with a melancholic synth line and powerful harmonies.

Watch Sharon Van Etten’s Tiny Desk performance below.