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Watch: Sigrid misses flight to film new music video, director Max Siedentopf takes her place in hilarious new clip for ‘Mine Right Now’

Sigrid just dropped a new video for “Mine Right Now,” which is pretty out of the ordinary, as instead of starring Sigrid herself, it stars director Max Siedentopf.

“Mine Right Now” had originally been scheduled to start shooting in the Bulgarian mountains, when everything that could have gone wrong did. From delayed flights to flimsy sets, the video turned into a disaster pretty quickly, but Siedentopf decided to use the footage anyway for a hilarious montage of their failure, which saw the lighthearted director taking on Sigrid’s role in the clip.

“After a month of planning the ‘Mine Right Now’ video with Sigrid and spending a week in the Bulgarian mountains building wonderful sets, the shoot quickly turned into the FYRE Festival of music videos,” Siedentopf explained. “The night before the video shoot we were told that Sigrid’s flights had been delayed and then cancelled, meaning she wouldn’t make it to the remote location in time. But our crew of over 40 people were all set to shoot a video, so despite the unfortunate news, we decided to still shoot something, as we had spent the week building wonderful sets.”

Watch the video for “Mine Right Now” below.

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