Watch: Sleater-Kinney performs ‘Hurry on Home’ on ‘Fallon’

Their forthcoming album 'The Center Won't Hold' drops

Sleater-Kinney took to the stage on the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform their recently released single, “Hurry On Home.”

“Hurry On Home” comes off of Sleater-Kinney’s forthcoming record, The Center Won’t Hold, which drops on August 16th. Their performance of the track on Fallon has an ethereal, hymn-like opening before getting into a gritty guitar line as the femme rockers blast the audience’s ears off with their gritty tune. Their performance is backed by ominous images of animated hands and ghost-like figures.

Watch Sleater-Kinney perform “Hurry on Home” below.