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Watch: Sleater-Kinney share animated video for new single ‘High In The Grass’

Sleater-Kinney are gearing up for the release of Path of Wellness, which is out on June 11th, and today they’ve shared a video for their new single, “High In The Grass.”

The upbeat new track builds into an explosive lines with gritty guitars and catchy lyrics like, “The spring night came alive and we lost our minds/ And danced to no music like fools.” The accompanying video is an animated hybrid with colourful graphics that see people dancing with their heads removed from their bodies.

Watch the video for “High In The Grass” below.

In a new interview with Vulture, Sleater-Kinney chatted about the new album, which is their first since the departure of drummer Janet Weiss. In the interview, they reveal that the drums on the album were split between touring drummer Angie Boylan, Brian Koch, and Vincent LiRocchi. They also went on to chat about being referred to as a “duo” now by press:

Corin Tucker: I love it. ‘Duo.’ That’s so funny. I mean, we’re happy with working together and being collaborators. It’s how we started the band a long, long time ago. It was based on our ideas and our guitar playing. We’ve had the great privilege of working with a lot of different people over the years. I think that all came into play when we were putting this record together. We were able to find local people who could come in, amid all the Covid rules, and play on the record.

Carrie Brownstein: That “duo” terminology … I didn’t really think about it until I started seeing some of the press, because I just think of us as Sleater-Kinney. Whatever we’re doing as Sleater-Kinney is Sleater-Kinney. I’m aware that people need these linguistic markers to help them understand.”

Check out the tracklist for Path of Wellness below.
Path of Wellness Tracklist:

01 – “Path Of Wellness”
02 – “High in the Grass”
03 – “Worry With You”
04 – “Method”
05 – “Shadow Town”
06 – “Favorite Neighbor”
07 – “Tomorrow’s Grave”
08 – “No Knives”
09 – “Complex Female Characters”
10 – “Down The Line”
11 – “Bring Mercy”

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