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Watch: Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein chats with Maggie Rogers

Singer-Songwriter Maggie Rogers and Sleater-Kinney’s guitarist and vocalists Carrie Brownstein had a conversation on an episode of Musician on Musician for the Rolling Stone. Rogers has been a fan of Brownstein ever since discovering Sleater-Kinney’s 2005 album The Woods, which she would listen to non-stop during her middle school years.

In the episode, it has the pair of musicians having a conversation on their music, what drives them creatively and more. It is a chill intimate chat between the two artists.

Rogers tells Brownstein “I’ve had all these special moments interacting with your work,” giving praise to Brownstein as she is a fan of hers. It turns out that Brownstein herself is also a big fan and enjoyed Roger’s debut album. Both Brownstein and Rogers are at the high point of their careers. With Sleater-Kinney having just released their first album in four years, The Center Won’t Hold. Before the release drummer, Janet Weiss left the group due to creative differences.

Rogers and Brownstein have posted about the episode on Twitter, check out the tweets below.

Watch Musicians on Musicians: Carrie Brownstein and Maggie Rogers, below.

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