Watch: Stars Cover Beyonce at WayHome

Stars play an acoustic cover of Beyonce's "Hold Up" live in the forest at WayHome 2016.

Stars just released a cover of Beyonce’s “Hold Up”, and if that surprises you, they shared an impassioned explanation as to why they chose to cover the track:

“why did we cover this beyonce song? cuz we love it. cuz it’s easy to play and time is running out. cuz she’s the queen of pop and we’re not. because it’s, very oddly, right in torq’s singing range. we don’t know. we don’t know anything anymore. there’s a sad little man dressed up as a fascist in the news every day, mental illness is being confused with a dangerous political military force, there’s no rain and grown ups only go outside to capture things that don’t exist except in a cartoon. it’s all very confusing and sad. at least there’s this: a song about love. it’s all we’ve ever had. it’s all we will ever have. and we are fools to have counted on anything else. happy last summer on earth everyone. beyonce has got you.”

They played the song for us in an idyllic spot in the woods at WayHome. Watch the video above.