Watch: Stephen Malkmus covers two Silver Jews songs in Scotland

In honour of the band's late frontman David Berman

Stephen Malkmus played a show in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday night where he covered Silver Jews’ “Trains Across the Sea” and “The Wild Kindness” in honour of the band’s late frontman, David Berman.

Malkmus’ performance of “Trains Across the Sea” revolved around a gritty, wallowing guitar line as Malkmus crooned lyrics like “It’s been evening all day long/ and how can something so old, be so wrong?” Malkmus’ rendition of “The Wild Kindness,” on the other hand, was more of a quirky, slow-building rendition revolving around a twangy guitar line.

Watch Stephen Malkmus perform “Trains Across the Sea” and “The Wild Kindness” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Julio Enriquez.