Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ teases season 3 with a new clip

'Stranger Things' season 3 premieres on Netflix July 4th

Winter came and left, so get ready for the summer with Stranger Things season 3. The Netflix series released a preview of what is to come, with a clip that centers on Billy, who will have all the ladies swooning in the rural town of Hawkins.

Billy Hargrove is the lifeguard in the small town who is quite flirty with the moms of Hawkins, which leads us to believe that he will play a more prominent role this season, unless Netflix just wanted to give us a bit of eye candy. Either way, the clip is sure to get you back into that Stranger Things mood, as it feels like its been ages since that last season.

Watch the Stranger Things clip below.

Tune in this July to watch Strangers things season 3.