Watch: Strumbellas Talk Memes, Cat Videos and ‘Hope’ on .Wav Files with Carlin

New album 'Hope' set for April release

Red Bull has been bringing in some big names in music for the new .Wav Files interview sessions. From MS MR, to X Ambassadors as musical guests, interviewed by Toronto icons such as Raina Douris and Damian Abraham, Red bull is now adding Carlin Burton from Indie88 to the list.

Strumbellas are set to release their third studio album Hope this coming April, and are building off the anticipation that comes from their anthemic rock track “Spirits.” In this segment Carlin grills Simon Ward and David Ritter from the band on the hard-hitting issues, like their least rock and roll traits and what’s in their recent search history.

Simon gives some insight into the writing process this time around, following up from 2013’s We Still Move On Dance Floors, this time taking inspiration from a diverse crowd of music legends such as Celine Dion and the EDM grand master Avicii.

Check out the video below:


Also, watch the Strumbellas’ Collective Arts Black Box Session below!