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Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ Gets Brutally Honest Trailer It Rightfully Deserves

For those DC fans out there, this summer’s blockbuster Suicide Squad was a massive letdown from the superhero universe that delivered the likes of Batman and Superman.

After months of rewrites, reshoots, and re-editing huge chunks of the film, the bigwig execs behind the franchise settled on a finished product that felt like one long scene of one-dimensional supervillains trying to out-weird and out-funny each other. Say what you will about Marvel movies, but at least their characters and plots have depth.

That’s why the the good people behind the “Honest Trailer” series on YouTube chose Suicide Squad as their latest target. Taking aim at Jared Leto’s over-the-top interpretation of The Joker and the script which was really just a series of pathetic one-liners, it finally gets the honest review it so rightfully deserves.

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