Watch: Tegan & Sara’s Adorable Puppy-Filled “100X” Video

Your daily dose of cuteness

New Tegan and Sara music and a room full of dogs, what could be better? Today, the duo released their video for “100x” off of their newest album Love You To Death.

Although “100x” is a heartfelt and serious love ballad, the cuteness of these fluffy munchkins will make you giggle.

Watch the video in the player above!

The video is directed by actress, musician and dog groomer Jess Rona (hence how beautifully groomed all of the pooches are).

On Facebook one of the sisters posted:

“I constantly direct people to her beautiful, heartbreaking mini-music videos of her furry clients, because they’re an endless delight. It was a true honour to have her do a long form version for our song 100x.”