Watch: Tei Shi (Collective Arts Black Box Sessions)

Watch Tei Shi fill the Black Box studio with her signature soulful melodies, performing "Baby" and "Keep Running".

Tei Shi released her debut full-length album Crawl Space in March of this year. Before she was known as Tei Shi, she was Valerie Teiche; born in Argentina, spending her childhood in Colombia, then Vancouver, and later moving to Boston to study music at Berklee, before finally landing in New York City. Needless to say, her life and music career has been a journey.

She began composing songs around the age of 8 in her diary or on tapes, which are featured on the album. She was determined early on to become a singer, but struggled with an “extreme fear of the night” and insomnia. Crawl Space is named in homage to her experiences facing her fears, where she would hide inside her family home’s crawlspace for a minute each night.

Crawl Space traces the arc of major changes across every facet of Tei Shi’s life, and embodies the sound of an artist creating and commanding her own space. And while the process can be claustrophobic, Tei Shi proves that it can also be liberating, even exhilarating.

Watch Tei Shi perform a new stripped down take on her songs “Baby” and “Keep Running” from her album Crawl Space.

“Keep Running”