Watch: Terrifying Video of Landing Plane Nearly Hitting Tourist

Anything for a photo-op...

This video of a landing plane almost hitting a tourist in St. Barts has gone viral. And there’s no question as to why.

The 12-second video captures a 360 degree view as the aircraft landing, nearly hitting the ducking tourist as it approaches Gustaf Airport III.

The footage was ironically captured by photographer, Sebastien Politano, who says he was simply testing out his new 360 degree camera. Politano told The Daily Mail that he didn’t know the man in the video. Politano says the lucky man in the video only felt the plane’s wheel skim his right hand.

Gustaf Airport III is known for having a tricky landing zone as its runway is located between a hill and a beach. We’re just glad the man is okay!

You can check out the insane 360 degree footage captured from the incident in the player above.