Watch: That hole in your cutting board is not a handle and actually has a purpose

Learn to use a cutting board the right way

Breaking news: You probably don’t know how to use your cutting board correctly. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

You know that little hole that appears to look like a handle or something you would use to hang the board up? Well, that hole actually has a purpose. One YouTuber recently released a “kitchen hacks” video that is probably going to shake up life as you know it: that hole is where your chopped foods should go through when transferring it to a bowl, pot, or pan.

The idea behind it is that the hole is smaller than most pots, so instead of trying to line up your food and carefully pushing it off the wide end of the board, you can push it through the hole and prevent spillage entirely. This brief hack is one part of a video full of a variety of useful kitchen tips, which you can check out below.