Watch: The 1975 release flashy, colourful video for rallying new track ‘People’

'Notes On A Conditional Form' is set for release sometime this year.

The 1975 have dropped a flashy, colourful video for their rallying new Notes On A Conditional Form track, “People.”

NOTE: If you have photosensitive epilepsy, this music video features strobe lights.

The new track is riddled with a sense of urgency and millennial anxiety as the band thrashes away on their heaviest tune yet. Packed with gritty guitar lines, a powerhouse drum beat, and grainy, wailing vocals, this song marks a major change in The 1975’s sound.

The accompanying video sees the band performing in a confining box with rapidly changing, brightly coloured screens as frontman Matty Healy screeches lines like, “People like people/ They want alive people/ The young surprise people/ Stop fucking with the kids.”

Watch the video for “People” below.

Notes On A Conditional Form is set for release sometime this year.