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Watch: The Arkells cover The Tragically Hip’s “My Music At Work”

It is officially the eve of the Tragically Hips final concert. Tomorrow, the Tragically Hip will take the stage for perhaps the last time ever, while they close out their Man Machine Poem tour in their home town of Kingston. It’s an emotional time long time fans of the band, — The Arkells included.

In response to The Hip’s final show, the Arkells have shared a video of them covering “My Music At Work” from Wayhome in July. They explained the video in the description where they wrote:

“It was important to us that we play a Hip tune this summer. This is the band that took us on tour and gave us the privilege of playing arenas across the country. We watched them every night on that tour, keen to pick up as many tricks that we could steal for our own. Gord D is known for being a poet, but I’d say he’s equal parts dance instructor.

We debated long and hard about which Hip song we oughta play this summer. There are of course too many good songs to choose from. Mike D suggested ‘My Music At Work’ because it’s like The Who, but somehow heavier. I liked it because it wasn’t a particularly sentimental song, and The Hip don’t necessarily strike me as sentimental guys. This song is a joy to play and as you can tell: we channel some of those old tricks in this performance. Enjoy.
Xo Max, Nick, Tim, Anthony, Mike D”

Take a listen to the cover in the player above and you can find out where to watch The Hips last concert here.

Photo by Nick Tiringer

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