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Watch: The Bash Dogs are ‘love-bitten vampire rockers’ in video for new track ‘Dangerlust’

So-cal band The Bash Dogs are set to release their debut album on July 14th, and today they’ve released a video for their new track, “Dangerlust.”

“Dangerlust”sees guitarist Kyle “Style” Gaffney on lead vocals for the first time, delivering lines like, “Dangerlust/ The way you got me moving/ Dangerlust/ When you turn out the light.” atop fun-loving surf disco-style instrumentals. The accompanying video sees the band coming together as a group of “love-bitten vampire rockers,” performing the tune on an all-white set, with a white snake in hand.

“‘Dangerlust’ is about meeting my now-girlfriend (pictured in the opening ‘bite’ scene of the video),” Gaffney explains. “We had a longstanding attraction and it felt like the first time we kissed, we’d been ‘bitten’ by our love and couldn’t stop thinking about each other.”

Watch the video for “Dangerlust” below.

“Plus, this song sounds pretty vampire disco,” usual frontman Nate “Natron” Barrett explains. “We totally see a bunch of vampires partying to this song, hence the idea for the video.”
Lead photo courtesy of William Wallace.

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