Five Brilliantly Funny Moments From ‘Nathan For You’

Nathan For You renewed for another season!

Canadian Nathan Fielder has been “helping” businesses with ridiculous promotions for 3 seasons now and it was just announced there will indeed be a season 4. To celebrate the big news, we decided to give you 5 of the show’s best moments.

While Comedy Central hasn’t yet made a lot of the funniest moments available in Canada, check out some of the best Nathan For You business ideas through the show itself and through interviews:

“Private Investigator”

This private investigator really does not understand the benefits of a good yelp review.


“The Claw of Shame”

Nathan explains the reasoning behind his “Claw of Shame” for the New York Times Magazine.


“Poo Flavoured Yogurt”

Nothing gets people talking more than controversy.


“Dumb Starbucks”

You may remember this from last year: Nathan Fielder’s Dumb Starbucks idea went viral online even sparking protests at the site and ultimately gaining a lot of attention for the once failing coffee shop.


“Sex Box”

Fielder explains why he chose to make a “Sex Box”, — a box that hides children in hotel rooms from parents wanting to have a “private moment.”