Watch: The Beths go bird watching in video for new track ‘Out of Sight’

'Jump Rope Gazers' is set for release on July 10

While gearing up for the release of Jump Rope Gazers, which is set for release on July 10th, New Zealand indie outfit The Beths have shared a video for a new track called “Out of Sight.”

“The band playing on ‘Out of Sight’ is more fragile than we usually allow ourselves to be,” frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes explains. “We are trying to listen more deeply and be more open ended, it was confronting to do and sometimes even frustrating.”

The accompanying Ezra Simons-directed video was filmed on Super 8 film, and it follows the band going bird watching interspersed with clips of archival footage of birds. Simons says that the video was intended to be “a nostalgic and timeless road trip video where the band goes off in search of native birds, but instead finds each other.”

Watch the video for “Out of Sight” below.