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Watch: The Darcys share video for new track ‘Look Me In The Eyes’

The Darcys have made their return with a video for their new track “Look Me In The Eyes.”

The gritty new track marks the first taste of their forthcoming fifth album, which is set for release in the Fall. “Look Me In The Eyes” comes accompanied by a Emma Higgins-directed and Studio Feather-animated video that takes listeners on a stunning visual trip.

“We don’t usually write songs with this kind of urgent energy, but I think that’s what makes ‘Look Me in the Eyes’ such a great lead track,” the duo explain. “The song is about the moment in a relationship when hard truths come to the surface and you both need to figure out how to deal with them. Sometimes you get bitter, sometimes you get mad, and sometimes you just need to move on.”

Watch the video for “Look Me In The Eyes” below.

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