Watch: The Dirty Nil share flower power video for ‘Blunt Force Concussion’

'Fuck Art' is set for release on January 1

While gearing up for the release of Fuck Art, which drops on January 1st via Dine Alone Records, The Dirty Nil have shared a flower power video for their recent single “Blunt Force Concussion.”

“For once, we tried to make a video without the risk of death or maiming,” frontman Luke Bentham explains. “No explosions, no fire, just flowers and good vibes. However, the heavens declared against us and I was almost killed by an allergic reaction to a horse. My head ballooned up like a goddamn melon and my skin felt like fire. Moral of the story is: wherever we go, chaos rides shotgun.”

Watch the video for “Blunt Force Concussion” below.