Watch: The Elwins join a cult in video for new track ‘Hung Up’

'IV' is set for release tomorrow

While gearing up for tomorrow’s release of IV, The Elwins have shared a video for their new track “Hung Up.”

“When we started talking about video vibes we liked the idea of interpreting the song in a different way,” The Elwins’ Francesco Figliomeni explains. “We were chatting with our friend/collaborator Wyatt Clough (who has filmed all of the videos released os far and also took the album cover photo) and he mentioned he had been researching certain cult practices and we thought that would work really well for this song, being ‘hung up’ in something that may not be good for you – no disrespect to any of our fans who may be in cults, please still buy our album.”

Watch the video for “Hung Up” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Wyatt Clough.