Watch: The Elwins share video for new single ‘Weight Of The World,’ announce forthcoming album ‘IV’

'IV' is set for release on September 18

The Elwins have announced their forthcoming album IV, which is set for release on September 18th, and as part of the announcement they’ve shared a video for their new single “Weight Of The World.”

“This is a story speaking to how everyone has to deal with the weight of the world in one way or another,” lead singer Matthew Sweeney explains. “That kind of brings us together in a sense. Just a friendly reminder that everyone has got this shit feeling from time to time, some more than others, but all you can really do is to try and take it easy on yourself.”

Watch the video for “Weight Of The World” and check out the tracklist for IV below.

IV Tracklist:

01 – “Something Is Happening Here”
02 – “Take Me All The Way”
03 – “Rockin’ The Horse”
04 – “Let Her Be The One”
05 – “Giving Up On Yourself”
06 – “I Will”
07 – “Weight Of The World”
08 – “Slow Motion”
09 – “Backyard At My Mom’s”
10 – “Hung Up”
11 – “1971”
12 – “Daughter Song”
13 – “Hold On To Love”
Lead photo courtesy of Wyatt Clough.