Watch: The first trailer for Spike Lee-produced time travel film ‘See You Yesterday’

A teenager using science to prevent her brother's death

The first trailer for Netflix’s forthcoming Spike Lee-produced film See You Yesterday has arrived, and it sees a high school science genius using time travel to stop the police shooting of her innocent brother.

Young science prodigy C.J.’s older brother gets shot and killed by the NYPD, which sparks C.J.’s decision to go back in time and try and stop the moment from happening using a time travelling device she invents with her close friend, Sebastian. The film sees the duo constantly reliving the same pivotal moments in time in an attempt to save C.J.’s brother’s life. “This is something Einstein spent his entire life trying to do,” Sebastian states in the brief clip.

Watch the trailer for See You Yesterday below.

See You Yesterday debuts on May 17th, 2019.