Watch: The first trailer for the forthcoming Bastille documentary ‘ReOrchestrated’ is here

The documentary is set for release on February 10

The first new trailer for the forthcoming Bastille documentary, ReOrchestrated, is here.

The music documentary, which is set for release on February 10th via Amazon Music, is “a bracingly honest journey through their work to rearrange some of their biggest hits, including Pompeii, Quarter Past Midnight, Another Place, and Warmth,” according to a release.

“I’ve always been really self-conscious,” Bastille frontman Dan Smith says in the clip. “Like any job, you come to a point where you’ve maybe had enough. How can we rearrange these songs in a way that’s really unexpected to try and show people other sides of what we do?”

Watch the trailer for ReOrchestrated below.

ReOrchestrated will chronicle Bastille reworking a whole slew of their songs, spanning three full albums, with a 20-piece orchestra and a choir.

The trailer comes packed with clips of Bastille in the studio, performing from a boat, and journeying on tour.

The new documentary follows last year’s EP Goosebumps, which Bastille surprise-released.