Watch: The first trailer for the ‘Hellboy’ reboot is here

The flick, starring David Harbour of 'Stranger Things,' hits theatres on April 12

Next spring, Lionsgate is releasing its Hellboy reboot, and Hell has returned to earth in the first trailer, which premiered today.

Stranger Things star David Harbour plays the title character, battling dozens of monsters including a pair of giants, a thin white creature with a blade for an arm, a man-bat, and the Blood Queen, Nimue. The trailer shows that the action-adventure flick will be taking on more of a humorous tone this time around, with jokes that rival the likes of Deadpool.

Watch the trailer for Hellboy below.

The film is set to hit theatres on April 12th, and it will follow the legendary half-demon superhero as he has to fight a resurrected ancient sorceress.