Watch: The Foo Fighters Rick Roll The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas

The band reminds Westboro Baptist Church to "Keep It Clean"

Sometimes the best way to battle bigotry and racism is to laugh in it’s face.

Every time Foo Fighters play Kansas City they are greeted by the not-so-smiling faces of the Westboro Baptist Church. The Topeka, Kansas church spend their days finding concerts, funerals and other events to protest, spreading the word of hate and bigotry with their shockingly offensive signs. And each time Foo Fighters come through town, they find a new way to tell them to “Keep It Clean”.

While the Westboro Baptist Church set up across from the Sprint Centre, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins and Nate Mendel high tail around the street corner in the back of a pickup truck blasting Green Day’s “American Idiot”. Pulling up right in front of the picketers, they begin blasting Rick Astlety’s classic 1987 hit “Never Gunna Give You Up”. Hawkins can be seen in the video above holding a sign saying “You Got Rick Roll’d (Again)”. Grohl holds up a sign telling them to “Keep it Clean”, giving reference to the last time they tricked the WBC.

Watch the Rick Roll above, or their flatbed performance from the last time they were in Kanas below.